Garden Tour THANK YOU!

Next Tour: June 2018

St. Anne’s Hill 2016 Home and Garden Tour, featuring our Toast the Tour preview event and our Tour Luncheons, was held on June 17th & 18th 2016. The tour was a great success! THANK YOU so much for coming to our neighborhood!

Thank you to all our Garden Tour Sponsors 2016

PRESENTING SPONSOR: Grandview Medical Center

PREVIEW NIGHT SPONSOR: Insurance Works for You!

TEA GARDEN SPONSOR: Houser Asphalt and Concrete

GARDEN SPONSORS: Agnes & Orson, ChemStation, Downtown Dayton Optical, Far Hills Animal Clinic, Fifth Street BrewPub, Front Street Building Co., Grafton Hill Association, Huffman Historic Neighborhood Association, Kamela & Company, Miami Valley Gasket, Nucleus CoShare, Printpoint Printing, Requarth Company, Square One, Warwar Eye Group.

TRAFFIC CIRCLE SPONSORS: Joe Dierkers Realty, M & R Electric Motor Service, Pester Plumbing, Plumwood Optical.


The St. Anne’s Hill Historic Home and Garden Tour is a biennial event that invites you to come view our private residences and urban gardens. This is a self-guided tour, you are welcome to spend a few hours or the entire day in our lovely neighborhood. St. Anne’s Hill offers various examples of architectural styles such as Federal, Second Empire, Gothic, Eastlake and Queen Anne. In addition to the homes and gardens on display there are neighborhood parks and traffic circles, all of which are maintained by the proceeds from this tour. All proceeds from this event go towards maintaining the parks and traffic circles owned by the neighborhood.

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